Corporate Overview

RDP Marathon provides contract design and manufacturing for a variety of high-mix/low volume industrial applications. For over 20 years, we've focused on helping customers respond in particular to the changing demands of the printing and packaging market.

Today we bring those high quality skills to new solutions.

We are helping customers cut costs, minimize waste and limit the environmental impact of their business activities by repurposing, re-engineering and refurbishing existing production lines so they can continue to operate reliably and competitively in today's 24/7 environments.

Our customers see improved operational performance and, even better; avoid an unnecessary major asset purchase.

It's a solution that is economically-sound and puts sustainability first.

RDP Marathon Inc. was incorporated in June of 1989. It evolved under the direction of former key managers of MAN Ashton, a designer and manufacturer of web offset printing presses with a reputation for reliability and durability. At first, RDP Marathon modified customers’ existing equipment and then, as printers’ needs changed, we responded by engineering our own high-performance web presses.

Today, our multi-lingual technical team is well equipped to serve customers globally. In addition to repurposing, re-engineering and refurbishing, we offer:

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