Solutions Overview

Recognizing our environmental responsibilities

At RDP Marathon we take a responsible interest in the environmental impact of our business activities.

We understand sustainability as a long-term balance of environmental protection, business, and social responsibility. Our products are designed to satisfy our customers’ equipment needs and improve their production operation while reducing environmental impacts.

Engineered Solutions

RDP Marathon offers practical solutions to enhance the productivity capacity of customers by providing custom engineering, advanced manufacturing and dynamic support for turn-key industrial equipment requirements.

Customers today realize the importance of system integration - balancing current capabilities with the best solution to meet future needs. RDP Marathon has international experience in combining new equipment technologies in applications using the latest value-added options. The only imperative is the customer’s requirement.

With over 20 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of complex equipment solutions, RDP Marathon today specializes in a total system approach enabling customers to maximize their capabilities.

Engineering is solution oriented – a specialty at RDP. Whether increasing the operational efficiency of your current equipment or designing new industrial equipment, the goal is to match the equipment to the requirement and improve profitability.

Your ability to remain flexible as both market and technology demands accelerate is critical. Therefore, all of our equipment is designed for quick and easy expansion or conversion in the field.

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