Refurbishing extends life of worn-out equipment

Refurbishing involves “rebuilding” existing equipment to varying degrees. At RDP Marathon, we will return your machinery to working condition, rebuild it but leave the existing control system, completely rebuild it including installation of a new control system, re-engineer the entire machine or entirely reconfigure an existing production line.

Why Choose Refurbishing?

RDP Marathon has unequaled expertise in the refurbishing of printing and packaging equipment. Our strength comes from decades of using the same skills to design and build new machines.

All equipment is refurbished with a one-year warranty and includes on-site services, (installation, start-up, commissioning and training).

RDP Marathon’s Refurbishing Programs generally fall into one of the following five Levels, ranging from the limited upgrading work to the most complete re-engineering mandate.

  • As received

  • As received

  • Gear train overhauled

  • New paint, seals, safety

  • Looks new

  • In production

  • Test Run

Level 1: Return to Working Condition

Level 2: Complete Rebuild, with Existing Control System

Level 3: Complete Rebuild, with New Control System

Level 4: Completely Refurbish including Re-Engineering Machine

Level 5: Reconfigure Production Line

Refurbished printing and packaging equipment has the look and functionality of new equipment at a price that is substantially less. Rather than replacing your worn out or obsolete equipment, why not let RDP Marathon refurbish it?

List of Equipment refurbished by RDP:

  • Ashton
  • Bobst
  • Chesnut
  • Comco
  • Didde
  • Drent Goebel
  • Giebler
  • Hamilton
  • Mark Andy
  • Miyakoshi
  • Muller Martini
  • Nilpeter
  • Sanden
  • Stevens
  • Wolverine
  • Zerand

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