Sustainable Solutions Through Repurposing

Recognizing our environmental responsibilities

At RDP Marathon, we focus on economically-sound solutions that put sustainability first. For us, sustainability means designing products that improve our customers' operations while at the same time reducing their impact on the environment. We are committed to minimizing waste, saving energy and conserving natural resources.

It's not just our selection of materials and production processes that promote sustainability. Our mission, structure and performance reporting also demonstrate our responsibility to the environment. We see the opportunities presented by a changing market and have shifted our engineering practices and products accordingly. Together with our customers, we are committed to eliminating the concept of obsolescence by repurposing, re-engineering or refurbishing existing production lines − instead of building new ones from scratch.

Repurposing is environmentally-friendly

Repurposing simply involves upgrading equipment so it can be used for something other than its original intent. Repurposing means you don't have to spend money on a new machine, something that is not always justified given how fast technology changes and how expensive it can be to constantly keep up. Repurposing has other advantages too:

Why Choose Repurposing?

Repurposing can turn an old piece of inadequate equipment into one that produces competitively again. For example, you may have a wide roll-to-roll printing press booked on a 24/7 schedule that is struggling to maintain quality roll production at net speeds in excess of 1000 fpm. Demand for the product makes current output insufficient for your plant’s needs. Do you replace the old equipment with an expensive new press line? Or do you repurpose your existing machine to output up to 1600 fpm with print and register quality improvements?

Perhaps your business has found it necessary to offer additional offset colors and flexo coatings to standard packaging products? At RDP Marathon, we can repurpose your presses to add these colors and coatings in-line with a minimum incremental cost.

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